Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Open Mic at Avogadro's Number

It was a very lucky thing that happened to me when I walked into Avogadros's Number in Ft Collins thst day in October 2012.

I was there to see if they're acoustic open mic would allow me to perform some comedy, tell some of my jokes, crack wise while on stage, you get it. They welcomed me in and allowed me up to 20 minutes to tell my jokes. In open mic comedy, you are very lucky to get any more stage time than 5 mins. This was awesome!

The situation was far from typical for many reasons. Chiefly among the differences was the fact that there did not happen to be anyone there to announce the performers names or to engage the crowd in anyway. I was used to there being an MC who would stand up on stage and at the very least make introductions. A few of the performers would say their name but if you have ever seen a musician talk into a microphone you may have noticed that they are a soft spoken bunch.

I take the stage and introduce myself, the comedy portion of the night has begun. My set goes well in front of about 15 people. I have plans to come back but  maybe not really soon. That no MC thing kinda threw me off.

Just by pure chance I am back at Avo's taking some photos at a show when I see the owner. He recognizes me and asks me how I liked performing at the open mic and if I planned to come back. I just casually mentioned the fact that it was weird to not be introduced by anyone. His reaction? He just looked at me and said, "You're Hired!" I was certainly not trying to get a job MCing an acoustic open mic, but that's what happened.

It's been more than two years and that mic has become the center of my Tuesday, It affords me great opportunities to see who is coming up in the music scene and who I might want to bring in on the radio to play live, develop new jokes and develop as an MC type guy. They feed me and pay me too. Not bad at all.

It has also meant some great times and plenty of chances to shoot and edit video. Starting in 2015 I have been shooting and editing short recap videos from each Tuesday night mic.

All a part of the plan to try to always be learning and growing. Hopefully growing into a healthy and vibrant video production business in the future.


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