Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ACX/Audible Audiobook Narration

My to-do list is never ending as my quest to stay among the semi-self-unemployed communities runs deep in my bones. New possible projects are always popping up as I have joined several freelancer sites offering me the chance to bid on projects and be laughed at by potential clients the world-over due to my almost non-existent portfolio of work.

I really do not yet know how to play the game so to speak but I am slowly learning how a few different markets work. I am putting in bids on audio editing projects, voice-over and video editing. I have even landed a few and the results so far have always met client expectations. 

So far, one of the most "profitable" has been www.fiverr.com (My Profile Page Here). I have not been paid anything yet but my profile assures me that after those 3 or 4 jobs I have done, I have a whopping 16 dollars coming my way. Not bad, not good. Just ok for a start place.

Another project I really wanted to try was narrating audiobooks. With a background in radio I have heard a few people throw this idea around over the years. Once I scored my bigger desktop computer for video editing I thought it might be time to give audiobooks a try. I signed up with www.acx.com and landed a royalty share gig right away. This means that I after completing the recording of the book I was to own half of the rights and would earn a good portion of the royalties from sales. I was pretty excited and got going right away. There were lots of problems with the recording specs and the release was delayed for weeks. 

Finally my first project is approved and it goes to market. No sales, nothing! My next project was a clear bust, poorly written and hardly even proofread, I couldn't finish that one fast enough. Finally my third project was a good well written story and I was happy to be involved. It was story about how an abused kid grows up to be a abuser himself. Very powerful reading and very powerful to, in a sense "be the character" and to read so many abusive words and actions in the first person. Still, not much a seller.

Then just the other day I recorded a handful of auditions and had an offer earlier today for my first audiobook read which pay me by the finished hour, a guaranteed payday!. It's not a lot but It sure beats what I have made so far. The only catch seems to be that this next project could be the one that sells really well. Seeing as they are guaranteeing payment for my work this means that I will not own any royalties for the sales. Hmmmm I will give it a try anyway. Wish me luck!!

Here is the cover for the book on Amazon! I am no bodybuilder myself but narrating this audiobook could turn it all around!! My ACX Profile Here


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