Saturday, June 13, 2015

Colorado Community Radio Rediculists


There is a soft strobe-like light flashing as another ridiculous quip or comment makes it's way into the air and out into the world. It's a small world (after all). Spanning Only about 40 miles in any direction. The music begins to play and a deep voice answers the phone smiling, "You are the 3rd caller.............. no, you don't win are just the third person to call us today." This is The Odd Hours (after all).

My name is Jason "Mutt" Rogers. I have been a programmer on KRFC Ft Collins for almost 6 years. My first show was on Monday nights 11p-1am. A few years later I was given the opportunity to add an afternoon show, it was different but I got to play all the songs that did not fit into my harder-rockin' mix show at night. It was the best of both worlds. Total freedom at night and an audience during the day, the phone would actually ring, people were listening! Huhhh huh, cool.

I gave up my late night show (Dog House Rock) to pursue stand-up comedy at area open mics but kept a tight grip on that afternoon spot. Time went on and my two hour time slot expanded to three hours, time marched further and boredom settled in. I wanted to quit. I was about to quit.

Another comedian in the area had begun doing some work at the station and so I decided to talk to him about being a regular co-host on a show that would be a little different. Stand-up comedy had changed me a little and I wanted to take that and turn it into a fresh approach for a new show. Be silly, be our irreverent selves, be honest!

So, In January of 2014 The Odd Hours was born. Next week will mark the 75th show for the Odd Hours. A radio show born out of desperation. Bored desperation. 

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