Saturday, April 18, 2015

Colorado Video Production In-The-Works!

There never seems to be a dull moment in my life which is always sending me looking for something new and something I can hopefully one day make some money doing.

I have been slowly ramping up another side business which honestly I hope will be a great money maker for me in the future. I have been contemplating how long I might be able to continue to DJ weddings and other events. I will be 40 later this year which makes me think I might have another 10 or 15 years before people will be going to younger less expensive DJ's.

Going back to the mid 90's I have had the urge to make and edit video. I had to camcorder and I was shooting a lot of footage but two VCRs were just not a good way to edit anything cleanly, I soon gave up the idea back then.

The last few years have found me doing more and more videos to promote my own wedding DJ business. As of last year I started recording ceremonies and trying my best to put them together as something clients might one day want to pay for. All along adding a few more cameras to provide more angles and then finally this past fall, adding a computer which could handle multi-cam HD edits.

I have shot and edited two short films and many recap videos of a music open mic I host every week. This summer I hope to have about 35 weddings booked with most of them including ceremony services which I have every intention of recording, editing and providing at little or no charge.

Next year will be the breakout for the video business with an emphasis on wedding and business film production. It will be an adventure to get the ball rolling and amass those demo videos as I continue to learn and grow as a video producer.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Norse Colorado Berserker Post 1

I have been meaning to start a blog for sometime now, a place to put it all together, a place where things might take a firmer hold in my mind. My mind is typically going in many directions all at once which certainly tends to mirror my days. I am self-employed and I don't know how I keep it going, how is it possible for me to be doing all of these different things? That is but one question I would like to attempt to begin to answer for myself as I start to write this blog.

This blog is intended to be an exercise in writing as well as shameless self-promotion of these different sides of myself. My blog site is a good place to start to get an overview of my work and my life. I count this typically out of date website as a scrapbook of sorts or even a scoreboard for myself to track my progress in various areas. It started as my first personal website domain and has since acted as a launching pad for other websites who have since spun off and become something which now stands on their own.

The urge to create and express myself is always taking new directions and so hopefully this blog will be a good mouthpiece to fill in a few spaces between all of these various activities and maybe help me understand how they are related and how they all gel into my creative life.

Jason "Mutt" "Jasbo" Rogers